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    February 10, 2013
    9:00 - 10:00pm PST  

i'm thinking of that dr. pepper that red platoon, you know, that was our drink forever. i'm thinking of the days in the gym, you know. i'm thinking about the constant, you know, teasing going back and forth between mace and kopas. >> for clint romesha, it's all about the buddies he served with, the ones he led that day, and the eight men who did not make it back. >> when you sit there and i mean, you look to your left and your right and you see those battle buddies on the ground, squeezing those triggers. at that point, those are who depend on you, and those are who you depend on. that's who i do it for. the situation we're in, in the here and now, regardless of how we got there, you know, being the team player and knowing i've
got his back and he's got mine. that's what i reflect. that's what i -- what motivates me. >> president obama will award the medal of honor to clint romesha on monday at the white house. he will also be honored at the pentagon on tuesday, after which he will come back here to minot, north dakota, and continue with his new job. meanwhile, the war in afghanistan continues. more than 60,000 american service members are right now in that country fighting that war. i've come to gun country in
one of the most popular stores in the state. i fired the most powerful we in america's arsenal and they're all legal. >> you're in america now and we have a special amendment right. this a is special edition. >> how has business been? >> right noi it's impossible to get guns and ammunition.
>> this pattern has been seen all over america. why are people reacting by buying more guns and ammunition. >> i know my customers feel they will be banned. they need to get it now while they still can. >> what's the most popular? >> anything with over a ten round automatic. that's the rumor they will try to ban. >> do you think those are kind of things they should use in self-defense? >> for self-defense for your home or your property? >> home. >> for your home i like shotguns because you don't have to worry about missing. here in texas sometimes you live on 10, 20 acres. a shotgun wouldn't be very effective. >> do you believe any gun should be bann edbanned?
>> i do not. >> why? >> it's not case of guns kill people. >> do you believe that the more guns there are in america, the safer the country is? >> in the hands of the right people, yes. if you're going to do anything, i agree that people that have mental retardation or violent felons, they shouldn't have guns. they shouldn't have any rights. law-abiding citizens you should be able to do whatever you want as far as gun purchasing. >> let's fire some of these weapons. what are we going to start with? >> the jp enterprise. every time you pull the trigger one bullet comes out. >> this is a pure unmodified semi automatic? >> yes. >> it's a standard if you like ar-15? >> right. >> this is the weapon that's
been used in the last five mass shootings in america including aurora and sandy hook. okay. the magazine is how big? >> this is 30 round capacity. it's standard. >> it's perfectly legal. weapon is ready to be charged. weapon is on safe. >> okay. shoulder the weapon. keep your finger out of the trigger until you're ready to shoot. take it off of safety. go ahead an shoot.
>> once i got the hang of it and pressing the trigger faster and faster it was firing fast. >> this has a muzzle break. >> somebody that knows what they're doing how many rounds could they fire in a minute? >> maybe 60 rounds or so. >> 60 rounds a minute. >> 400 rounds a minute. >> the true rate if you have unlimited magazine then 400 rounds a minute.
>> somebody like you? >> in one minute? 200 or so. >> 200. >> if i had to guess. >> you can buy this at walmart. you think it's a good idea. >> for law-abiding citizens it's an excellent idea. we shoot pigs out of helicopters in texas. we do things nobody does. if you start barning one particular anything, where is it going to stop? if you give anybody a inch they'll take a mile. >> you have a modified version which i wouldn't mind seeing next. >> we're a firearm manufacturer. these two weapons -- >> they look identical to me. >> right. the difference is the selector switch instead of going from safe to semi automatic, we have
autothat allows it to go full automatic. >> that's the only difference in. >> that's the only difference. >> how difficult is to it take an ar-15 to make it an automatic? >> you have to have the right sever. there's parts and components. you can't just go to walmart or make it that way. >> the parts can be bought legally in. >> yes. >> you could convert it yourself if you know what you're doing. >> technically you're not supposed to have the parts and the gun together. >> you can buy them separately? >> you can. >> be you're a criminal -- >> of course, if you're a criminal you can do whatever you want. >> a 30 bullet magazine. >> safety is on. you need to flip this twice. make sure that you lean forward
into it because it does rise. make sure you leap into it. >> to me it feels to powerful. >> you missed many times. >> the speed and the power. >> when you shoot one of these it's called spray and pray. you pray it hits the target. >> if you're in a confined area like a movie theater you don't care? >> you saw the rise. >> it doesn't matter if you miss a few, you'll hit somebody. the guy at aurora has an ar-15.
i believe he had a slider device. what does that do? >> it's less accurate than this. it's really hard to shoot. i would love to put one in your hands. >> how many bullets does it allow you to fire? >> technicallily shoots about 650 rounds a minute. >> you can buy the slider legally. you sell them here? >> right. >> of all the arguments to have one of these, home defense is probably the least plausible from your point of view? >> for me in the home, what people are talking about is the way that this world is going that the military and united nations are going to come in and try to take our guns. >> you really believe that? >> i don't know. anything is possible. >> can you imagine u.s. marines charging onto your property an steal your guns. >> i would hope not. >> you're a sensible guy. i hear this all the time in texas. i gave an interview with a
friend of yours with 40 and 50 texans. that's the one thing they agreed that tyranny was about to come their way. >> look at all the other countries. it started where we are now and it's ended up with no guns. >> you think that the american military would attack its own people? >> if they're forced to. i hope that would not happen. >> do you think that's what many texans feel about why they would need a weapon like this? >> they want it because they are law-abiding citizens and they know it's legal to purchase it now and it won't be legal now. they rather buy it now and be legal than do something illegal because these are law -abiding citizens we're talking about. >> show me the type of weapon effective for home defense? >> inside your home this is a typical shotgun. the reason i like about this is it does have a strap here. if someone tries to take it from
you, you have two points for struggle. it's a pump action so it's not going to jam. that's a universal sound for get the heck out of my house. it's a 12-gauge. >> easy to use? >> it is. you have to hold it down at the waist when you fire it because if you do this you'll bust your teeth out. >> this machine down here which looks like it kind of military machine gun that you see in all the movies. that was made before 1986 and the last assault weapons ban that is a legal weapon in this country. i could buy that. six months of background checks. >> it's atf paper work that you have to fill out. you have to pay $200 to the atf to fire this or to purchase it. to fire it -- >> how much it cost me in. >> these run anywhere from 25 to
$45,000. depends on the make an model. >> what's the rate of fire? >> about 900 rounds a minute. chris, if i could have you over on this side. sit on this one and you sit on that one. okay. put your knees over this. take it off safe. >> take it off safe. it's going to keep going as long as you keep it down.
>> why would any civilian need one of these? >> i purchased one of these about $12,000 and sold it for 45,000. >> incredible. i kr incredible. >> it's obviously too expensive to shoot. it's the investment. >> i could buy that from you? >> you could. >> still ahead, i talked to a close friend of america's top sniper who was shot dead on a texas gun range similar to this. after the break i talked to the attorney general about his views on gun control. anyone have occasional constipation,
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earn double points or double miles on all your hotel stays through march thirty first. sign up now at hiltondouble.com. texas attorney general greg abbot has a lot to say and he joins me now. the president was in minnesota and came out for a variety of different measures he wants to bring in through the senate and the house to curb gun violence in america.
what was your reaction? >> it seems to be more show than reality. it seems like on the same day the majority leader same out and said they're not going to pass any assault weapons ban. >> he said he would take a look at it. >> i thought he made an announcement that he didn't think that you would would pass a ban. >> let's go through some of these measures. i want to see where there's common ground. do you support 100% universal background checks? >> the current background checks are not working. we're seeing so many violations of it that the federal officials are not enforcing. >> in principle. do you support that? >> the principle of ensuring that criminals and those who have mental issues do not get their hands on gun are important. >> the principle of who is
buying guns in america. a lot of these people don't show the obvious mental danger until it's too late. what about the principle if you buy a gun at a gun show there's a record of it and you have to have a background check. >> what i'm trying to tell you is if you go to a gun show, you will have a background check run. the important thing is -- >> that's not true. you will in some cases but the private trades, there's no record. >> which is a good point. i want hunting last month with a good friend in south texas. i used a rifle that i would like to purchase from him. had he had to go through a bkd check, it would hinder the purchase. should i have to run a background check on my friend i've known for more than a decade because i want to sell him a pistol. >> you can guarantee that every single person in texas will be
in the future of sound mental health and isn't going to develop criminal tendencies, suicidal tendencies or murderous tendencies? can you guarantee that? >> we need to enforce the laws and crack down on those with mental challenges and prevent criminals from getting ahold of the guns in first place. >> would you support a ban on magazine rounds with more than ten rounds? >> absolutely not. >> why? >> look at the texas border. we have thousands of ranchers who live up and down the border. >> how much drug cartel have attacked people in texas? >> we have drug cartel members who have shot at law enforcement. >> civilians? >> if there's so brazen that they will shoot law enforcement officers, the innocent ranchers
have to be fearful. >> have any rancher been confronted? >> absolutely. >> when? >> i can't tell you -- >> when? >> you said confronted. they're confronted ranchers on an ongoing basis. they deserve to have the ability to meet force with force, which is what the second amendment guarantees. these ranchers need to be able to protect themselves. let me add one more thing. you're in houston right now. there are members of the vicious gang ms-13 right here in houston as well as other deadly gangs. people here in houston have a right to defend themselves from the deadly gang. >> do you agree with the fact you can't legally by in most places in america machine guns in warfare style?
>> sure. that's been banned. >> do you support that? >> that's a ban that's in place and we have been fine with that. >> why doesn't that breech your rights? the military can have them. i thought you should have whatever everybody else have. >> the reason why it was passed in the first place is to allow americans to defend themselves from either government forces or other forces that endanger their lives. >> if the government attacked you, it would be the military. it would be with machine guns. you support that ban but you're not prepared for a ban on military style. >> a lot of people use this phrase military style when in reality it's nothing more than a semi automatic weapon used for deer hunting.
>> i can buy a slide device over there which would allow me to fire up to 300 rounds a minute. what is your definition of an assault rife given i can legally buy that here and kill 300 people in one minute? >> first, i think that any texan has a right to be able to purchase one of those weapons. when it comes to talk about limiting our right, we need to have the right to defend ourselves when ever anyone tries to attack us. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> coming up, i'll talk to two people who believe concealed weapons and the nra save lives plus ted nugent. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. how do you keep an older car running like new? you ask a ford customer. when they tell you that you need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car here to the ford dealership for service
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. back to our live story in texas. a navy seal was shot dead. he was suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome.
he told the story in american sniper. joining us is one of his co-authors. thank you for joining me. along with the appalling tragedy not least because your friend was trying to help another armed serviceman who had come out and suffering from this very frequent problem now that so many ex-soldiers have. it ended tragically. what did you feel in terms about this? >> i guess i'm still in total disbelief that chris is gone. i think that everyone that knew him feels the same way. i don't know the act details of what happened and i'm sure that more information will come out. even before he was famous devoted considerable amount of
time to helping veterans whether they were disabled, whether they were suffering from traumatic stress or just regular guys. he would take people out to go hunting and fishing. he could also just talk with people back from the war. that's a big part of what his life was about. >> certainly awful. i'm at a texas gun range. it feels safe here. everyone knows how to use weapons and takes it seriously. >> we don't flknow the exact
details. it's a little different than where you are. it's a very large place. quite honestly they could have been doing any number of things. chris would not have subjected another person to a dangerous situation. i'm sure that he considered where he was to be relatively safe. >> it's an appalling tragedy. the aelleged killer is now in custody. i guess we'll find out more when he comes to trial. my great sympathies to you on losing your friend and america has lost a true hero. >> absolutely. thank you. back to our big gun debate. joining me is texas state senator dan patrick. welcome to you both.
i want eed to start by giving y my reaction. a lot of people say you don't know what you're talking. the ar-15 is just another form of gun. i was pretty shocked when i got into this range and began to fire the ar-15. you can see the pictures here again. i started off slowly and it began to rapid fire. to hear someone that knows what they're doing could find between 60, 70, 80 bullets a minute. how anyone could not classify this as an assault weapon is beyond me. >> it's a personal defense weapon. >> against what? >> against a lot of things. we live in an area and we've seen the thin vail of civility in a hurricane, the aftermath. we see lootest go into a neighborhood whether it's new orleans or long island. we know that in our country we
don't think terrible things like a dirty bomb could be set off. nobody thought 9/11 would have. people have this weapon to defend themselves -- s >> here is the thing. if you strip out the ar-15 and take all the guns out, you're still left with 2,200 legal guns you can buy. >> you're obsessing over one gun that a ban human being used. have you ever -- the last mass shooting i could have been a victim of it wasn't an ar-15. you're obsessed it. have you ever had a gun to your head in. >> no. >> have you ever had a man say i'm going to blow your head off with expletives while grinning. i had a gun to defend myself.
i didn't have an ar-15. >> why would you need it? >> you're missing the point of what i'm saying. you can claim anything is an assault weapon when it's in the bad hands of a band person. the gun that night wasn't on the special list the senator wanted out there. that gun that night was just as dangerous to my life when he pulled the trigger not once, not two. this is my point. >> make your point. >> when you say not have a clip of ten. i had a clip with 13. when the police showed up, you know how many were left many my gun. one. i would have run out of bullets before i save my life and my friends life. >> i understand the need to defend yourself. >> i don't think so. >> you don't know how much -- >> let me finish my statement. >> let me speak.
i understand in a country that has over 300 million firearms people feel the need to defend themselves. >> you're not stupid. you just don't understand the american culture. liberty and freedom does not guarantee safety. >> do you fear tyranny? >> no. >> do you believe your government would overrun texas using the military? that's what tyranny means. >> the reason people like the ar-15, my wife shoots it. you can fire it multiple time. when i meant about the long island looters or new orleans, we see how quickly people can turn against each other. heaven forbid we have a dirty bomb and you have to defend your
family. i want as much -- i want to be able to defend my family and i have a right. >> i was there when hurricane sandy, nobody felt the need to take an ar-15 to blow away looters. were they looting? >> it was limited. >> don't act like it's the same thing that was happen on a beautiful place in new jersey with totally different people. the social economic conditions are different. >> he sited sandy, not me. what is your answer to the parents of sandy hook who had their children blown to pieces about how you are personally through your radio show going to try to make america a safer place? >> simple. we got to be realistic that whether it be in america or the uk, crazy people. i want to make sure there's somebody at every school to protect and defend children
because we know now -- >> armed teachers or guards? >> either one. it depends on what the people want. >> do you believe the nra agrees with this. >> i don't know if they agree with me or not. >> here is what was said about columbine. >> first, we believe in absolutely gun free, zero tolerance, totally safe schools. [ applause ] >> that means no guns in america's schools, period, with the rare exception of law enforcement officers or trained security personnel. >> he's done a 360 on that. he's done a 360 on background
checks. he's being rapidly exposed as a shameless hypocrite. >> he's not a hypocrite if he's learning and changing and adapting the same way you would in a situation like. that's called using the brain that god gave you. you figured out having a government with a king is probably a bad idea to rule everything. am i wrong? did you change it? in america we change things often. >> what did we change? >> you have people that decided long ago they didn't want to have one man over an entire nation and that's part of the reason why america is here. am i wrong? am i wrong? >> that's baffling. >> we just had a hearing in our education committee on this issue. we made the decision, it's a local decision. we have over a thousand school districts this texas. many of the large ones have armed guards already. the rural districts want to arm
their teachers. >> i met two young female elementary school teachers in their early 20s in a bar in houston. they were very interested. both believed they wanted to have a concealed permit. neither of them wanted to have any assault weapons. they wanted a complete ban and they were absolutely agast at the prospect of having guns in their school. >> there will be always be someone. >> you asked me earlier what would i say to the parents at this school whose kids died. i would say to you why are you obsessing over a gun when there's a much bigger issue. there's mental health issues. >> i'm obsessing over the very gun that killed their children. >> it wasn't the gun. it was the person. >> are you going to obsess over every gun. >> in the end it is the gun. >> i've heard this argument. >> if that gun sits there and no
one touches it, the gun won't do anything. >> you know why there's no shootings on planes in america because no one allows any guns. it's a gun free zone. it's the ultimate example of a gun free zone. i'm going to leave it there. we're going to take a break. we have ted nugent. i can't imagine things will get any calmer. he is ready to come at me again. this should be quite lively after the break. the carful? how about...by the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. campbell's. google's backyard for the wbing it on challenge.. [fight bell: ding, ding] what's your preferred search engine? search engine, uhh, probably google. if we do a side by side blind test comparison, and you end up choosing google, you get an xbox. i'll bet you the xbox, you bet me your son. well let's look up what you need. okay, i would do the left. yeah?
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i've never seen a torn before in my life. >> that's hattiesburg, mississippi. the very moment that a tornado struck the town and the campus of the university of mississippi. cars flipped over and buildings damaged. by a stroke of good luck the campus is deserted this weekend because students are off for a school holiday. ten people were injured and taken to hospitals. some 4,000 people are stranded on a cruise ship that lost power.
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trag trag tragic loss. that's a great relief. >> i totally endorse both of those. you're a great figure in this area. you know this area better than anybody. i really enjoy coming to texas. >> let me see that machine gun smile. >> here is the truth about it. it was an exciting experience. it's no question. firing weapons like that are incredibly power. it's an exciting experience. i can't deny that. this is the regular semiautomatic once i got the hang of it. watch this clip. here's the thing. this is the weapon that was used in aurora and used in sandy hook and been used in the last five mass shootings.
i can see why. it was very light. it was easy to use. i had very little train. maybe a minute's worth. i found it very accurate. even i was getting an accuracy which is the same police officers which is about 20%. >> good shot. >> here is the thing. i don't understand and i want you to tell me in the least inflammatory way possible why outside of hog hunting, which i sg get is a problem in texas, that anybody needs one of those. why the least we couldn't do to those poor families to that weapon is not just remove those from the equation? >> a number of things. first of all, i've been monitoring your gun debates. go ahead and take it to the bank. you will never understand. i really don't believe you'll ever grasp. >> what won't i understand? >> you won't understand it's a
simple tool that tens of millions of american families own that have never caused a problem, never had an accident and will never commit a crime. you have these aberrations that are so minute. you're so full of crap. that statistic includes bad guys shot by cops and intruders caught by homeowners. that figure is bogus. >> it's an accurate figure. 100,000 americans get hit by gunfire a year. >> that includes bad guys hit by cops. >> 18,000 kill themselves. >> japan has a higher rate. >> how many people murdered in japan in the last two or three years? >> we're not talking about guns. do you care about murders or all murders with gun? >> i care about all deaths.
>> i don't think you do. i think you're obsessed with guns. 99.9% of gun owners are harmless people that you're hanging around here today. would you leave us alone. go after the nut jobs. go after the murders because i don't know any. we need to lock up the bad guys and when people show dangerous murderous intent which every one of them showed. all their neighbors, family, teachers, fellow students all knew they were crazy but we didn't stop them because we're worried about hurting their feelings. we have a madman problem in america where they are running around. we have a felon recidivism problem and leave the rest of us alone. >> i won't leave you alone. >> we appreciate that because you're the first perfect poster boy to stand up for stuff that
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tell them there's no legislation to eliminate all guns. there's no legislation being proposed to subvert the second amendment. tell them specifically what we're talking about. things that the majority of americans when they're asked support, and tell them now the is time for action. that we're not going to wait until the next newtown or the next aurora. >> president obama reenforcing his plans for gun legislation. government registration now 69% of americans supported that. ban on semiautomatic guns 56%. a clear majority in every case of americans that you say i don't understand agree with me,
not you. what is your response to what the president is trying to do? which of his proposals do you agree with? >> i think i can frame it best by identifying the scammer in chief who claims that just to save one life would be worth this. >> isn't it worth this? >> he had a chance to save four american lives in benghazi and refused to do so. this president has been voted in by that clueless majority who is so out of touch they still call magazines clips. they call personal defense weapons, assault weapons. i don't agree with president obama on any of that. >> do you agree with universal bg background checks? >> absolutely not. >> ted kennedy was on the no fly
list five times, which i happen to support. i was turned down purchasing firearm a number of time and i own class three weapons. i've had a concealed weapons permit for 40 years. the instant check turned me down. >> you heard the owner say he's selling four times as many guns since sandy hook. >> to me. >> maybe to you. i find it disturbing reaction to the massacre of 20 young children. >> that's not a reaction to sandy hook. >> here is the question. do you think america is going to be safer because gun stores like this are selling so furiously weapons and ammunition? >> absolutely. i told you these statistic before. thre